What’s stopping me?

I’m not sure when or how I got it in my head that “I can’t”. I’m not talking about my big dreams of world domination or my plans to travel the world. I have no trouble believing I can do those things.

I’m talking about simple things like buying dessert when I go out with my fiance and taking train rides up the east coast for book research. Okay, so a week long, multi-city train ride isn’t exactly “simple” (or cheap), but at the same time, it is. Where in my past 26 years did I learn that things like that can be done, but not by me. Was it when I entered the workforce at 15 and wasn’t able to get the time off? Or was it when I started college right after high school when what I really wanted to do was write and travel? Where did I learn that I wasn’t good enough to do the things that I want to do? I quit my job to write books, so no, I don’t have the money for an east coast train ride. Yet. Would I do it if I did, though?

Yes. Because it is now my new goal.

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