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My name is Tyffani Clark Kemp. I am an author, a publisher and a publishing consultant. I started my company SideStreet Cookie Publishing in September of 2012 to publish my books and to help other indies find their way through the publishing world. Reading, writing, and publishing are my passions and I happen to be quite good at them.

The Many Hats I Wear
Author, Publisher, Publishing Consultant, Part-time Blogger (sometimes), Bookstore Volunteer, Editor, Formatter, Promo Creator

People I Want To Meet
David Gandy
The entire cast of Once Upon A Time
Jennifer Lawrence
Rebel Wilson
Dick Van Dyke
Julie Andrews
Christopher Plummer
Any and all Doctors

Places I Want To Visit
New Zealand
Bora Bora and/or Maldives (I want to stay in a water bungalow)

Fun Facts
I used to be a cake decorator and I was good at it. I hate it now. No, I don’t want to make your cake. Sorry.
I was once in a Tennessee Titans commercial with JoDee Messina. I’ve never seen the footage.
I don’t like country music.
I went to film school for 8 months and ended up dropping out for personal reasons. I made some great friends there, though.
When I originally started writing at the age of 11, I started writing screenplays. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I switched to novels permanently. I have started writing screenplays again.
I have adapted my novel Beast Within to a screenplay.
I used to want to be a rockstar. I have played the piano, guitar, alto sax, and clarinet.
I hated the clarinet.
The piano is my favorite instrument, hands down.
I have a slight fetish for piano players.
I have a small collection of maps. I buy a new one every time I write a story in a city/country I’ve never seen. Currently I have a map of Venice, Tokyo, Scotland, Tennessee, and Washington DC.
I cannot resist guyliner.
I am OBSESSED IN LOVE with Pocky.

You can find SideStreet at http://www.sidestreetcookiepublishing.com

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