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The Blood Scorpions

A new serial coming in September. No bounty, no kill.

Manifestations of my Mind, the blog of Author Tyffani Clark Kemp.

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The Muse Release Day Promo

Title: The Muse Author: Kenya Wright Series: Dark Art Mystery Genre: Multicultural Romantic Suspense Add it on Goodreads  Blurb: On the first day of her nude modeling job, Elle deals...

Wheel Wolf Book Blitz

  Title: Wheel Wolf (Werewolf Horror) Author: January Valentine Genre: Horror/Suspense/Thriller Release date: August 20, 2013   Synopsis: Jack Bailey is just a few weeks away from beginning his dream...

17th Oct 2013

New Adult Authors Fall Promo + Giveaways – L.G. Castillo

  Decades after being banished from Heaven for saving a life he shouldn’t have, Lash is given a chance to redeem himself. His mission: protect Naomi Duran, a young woman...

16th Oct 2013

Scorned Book Birthday

  SCORNED, my debut novel, is celebrating its one year book birthday! Join in the festivities over at the Facebook Event Page by clicking here!   LeKrista Scott has killed...

Irresistable Refrain – Excerpt/Spotlight

Book Info- Title-Irresistible Refrain Series- Tempest Series # 1 By-Michelle Mankin Publication Date-October 3th, 2013 Genre-New Adult   Blurb- Two years ago everything changed for the remaining members of the...

15th Oct 2013

New Adult Authors Fall Promo + Giveaway – Becca Lee Nyx

   College is supposed to be a magical experience, a time of self-exploration and discovery. For Crystal and her friends, Ryan and Kelly, this couldn’t be closer to the truth....

12th Oct 2013
beast within no WM

Phase One of New Project – Complete

A few people know that, when I started writing, I started with screenplays. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an actress. I can’t say that desire has...

10th Oct 2013

New Adult Authors Fall Promo + Giveaway – Kristie Cook

   When Life Falls to Pieces, Answers Lie in the Space Between.    Leni Drago can’t make a smart decision on her own, according to her mother anyway–the few times...

Knotted Roots Review – by Ruthi Knight

Book Info- Title-Knotted Roots Series- Knotted Roots Book # 1 By-Ruthi Kight Genre-  YA Romance   Blurb- Partying with friends and scoring a flawless tan is about all Roxie has...

Beautiful Experiment Book Blitz – January Valentine

Title:  Beautiful Experiment  (Book One of Island of Defiance Trilogy) Author: January Valentine Genre:  Teen  Paranormal Fantasy Release date: June 1, 2013 Synopsis: Six unruly teens are abducted on their...

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