Beast Within

beast within no WM“I’m a man, Luna. That is my curse. To live alongside humanity‚Ķ”


Gabriel Slade runs Hollywood with his gorgeous blue eyes and egregious temper. No one knows that underneath it all is a man with a frozen heart, cursed to become a beast at every full moon. For seven days he has no choice but to roam the earth as a vicious animal, until he meets a woman who can change it all.

Luna Grace has a hatred for everything Gabriel Slade stands for, but she doesn’t even know what he looks like. When a chance encounter reveals feelings Luna never knew she harboured, it stands to reason that she would run.

Can Luna overcome her hatred and break the curse? Or will Gabriel’s temper keep her from realizing her true feelings, dooming him to remain the beast forever?



His shirt was open. Had it been like that before? A soft breeze caught the right side and blew it to open. Holy Mary mother of Jesus, she almost crossed herself. Each of his eight abdominal muscles was perfectly etched across his stomach. She couldn’t look away. She didn’t want to. How embarrassing.

“I worked hard for those.”

She nodded, but couldn’t find her voice to comment. What did she say? They’re nice? She didn’t need to look stupid on top of shallow.

He bent a little to see her eyes and lifted her chin with one finger. A smile that resembled the ones from earlier crossed his lips. “You okay? Do you need a minute?”

“You might be used to this,” she motioned to encompass the majority of him. “I teach children how to safely wield a sword for a living. Don’t get a lot of that.” What? No. She needed to stop talking. And where had he gotten that tennis ball he was tossing from hand to hand? Why did he keep going through this man’s things?

His lazy smile turned into a lopsided grin and she wanted to jump on top of him right then and there. He pushed both sides of his shirt away and fisted his hands on his hips. He didn’t have to say a word.

“Now you’re teasing me,” she complained.

“You’re blushing.” Luna tried to turn away, but he caught her chin with the same hand he had the stupid yellow tennis ball in and made her look up at him. It was rough against her chin. “Don’t turn away. It’s cute. Not many women blush around me anymore.”


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