Flipping the Bitch Switch – An On-The-Fly Short

Eden approached her brother. “Hey, I need you to help me with something.” God, she hoped he was in a good mood. Maybe she should have waited until he had his morning blunt first.

“What’s up?” he asked. Well, at least he was chill.

“It’s time to introduce the dogs. My research says that we need to take them on neutral ground – not our house or yard –  and let them sniff each other and let them do whatever they need to do to be okay with each other. I was thinking we could take them up the road-”

“We can take them in the front yard. Not the back yard,” he quickly added.

“Yeah, but my research says-”

“The front yard,” he insisted, like he knew what he was talking about. He’d had his own dog, but Eden and their parents had done the taking care of it. Not him.

“Okay. We need neural ground. The yard and the house are already the older dog’s territory. Would you listen to me!” Eden shouted when he opened his mouth to interrupt her again. His eyes snapped to hers, shocked that she’d raised her voice, but there was defiance in them now. “I spent the morning figuring out the best way to do this and, with as territorial as the dog is-”

“We need to do it in the front yard,” he persisted, his voice taking on a tone of utter defiance. Yeah, she definitely should have waited until he was stoned out of his damn mind. ”

“Right. Forget it.” Eden pushed past him, hoping to get to her room before the explosion came. “I’ll find someone else to help me. You’ve never done this before and I’ve done the research.”

“I have done this before! I had to do it with Skip! You stupid stuck up bitch!”

Eden spun, the Bitch Switch flipped all the way on. “Shut the fuck up, asshole!” If he’d been any closer she’d have broken his damn nose. With all the self-control she could dig up, Eden walked away. She didn’t even slam the bedroom door. This was going to be a long fucking four days. Could she stay secluded in her room that long until her parents came home? She sure as hell was going to give it a good try.


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