In which I *jokingly* shame my fellow author.

Dear J.A. Howell,

You, madame, are a jerk. That’s right. I said it. A JERK. You purposefully reel us in with your sexy Scottish and hot-tempered Irish men, and then…

You destroy them!

You hurt, maim, beat, break, bleed, bruise, and even KILL them! How could you?! How can you create such beautiful, precious snowflakes, and then RUIN THEM?! You want us to love them. You want us to cherish them in our hearts, make them part of our lives, just so you can

Tear us apart from the inside out!

To think I helped you understand the importance of manchest and you turned around and used what I taught you for good for your own evil purposes! There is no depth you will not stoop to. No villainy will not commit.

You. Are. Cruel


4 Responses to “In which I *jokingly* shame my fellow author.

  • My response to your wild accusations, madam… I bid you good day!

    • Well played, my friend. Well played.

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