01st Nov 2013
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In Which I Might Be Panicking…

Yesterday, I finished edits on the screenplay adaptation of Beast Within and sent it to my second set of editors. I have four editing phases for my screenplay. I’ve already...

31st Oct 2013
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The Beasty Movie 2 – Adapting a Book to a Script

The biggest pet peeve of fans of any book-turned-movie is that the movie is never as good as the book, nor is it always accurate. There are reasons for this,...

12th Oct 2013
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Phase One of New Project – Complete

A few people know that, when I started writing, I started with screenplays. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an actress. I can’t say that desire has...

15th Feb 2013

Beast Within Book Trailer

  Since my blog tour is now filled up, I decided to post the trailer for Beast Within a little early!! I would be amiss not to post it to...

24th Jan 2013

Bad Writer Girl – Part 1

I labeled this part one because I tend to have “Bad Writer Girl” days more often than not. I just can’t seem to make myself WANT to write today. I...

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