Sesame Swallow – Yeah, it’s a lot like it sounds!

Sesame SwallowSesame Swallow, Private Eye

Looking for a chance to make a name for herself, Sesame Swallow, wanna-be Baltimore private eye, finds herself in the midst of her first real case and on a slipperier slope than usual to danger.

If Nancy Drew had come of age in the modern world, worn eye-popping short skirts and stilettos and drank Johnny Walker Black with the best of them, she would have been Sesame Swallow, a late-twenties party girl with an oral fetish straight from the not-so-hallowed halls of a local college and looking to make a splash in the shady world of private investigation. After months of questioning her career move, Sesame finally lands her first case: find a missing person, the web-famous wife of a local entrepreneur and wealthy businessman, but she’ll need to get her hands and her knees dirty to do the deed. A raunchy, laugh-out-loud adventure, this first in a series of seductive mysteries finds our sexy heroine doing what she does best: whatever must be done to whomever she must do it.


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5starsBefore I start *BEWARE* This book is NOT for the faint of heart, prudes, those easily offended or bothered by smut, anyone with a heart condition, or old ladies. And by old ladies, I lovingly mean older women raised in the Bible Belt who say things like “gosh darn” or “dagnabit”.

Sesame Swallow is a private investigator who wanted to be in forensics. As it goes, she’s trying to make the PI life work for her, since there are no jobs in forensics in her town. The first chapter opens with her in a compromising position, one that does not help her later on in the story, with the husband of a kidnap victim who doesn’t want Sesame going to the police for some very legit reasons. She hits dead end after dead end in search of the missing woman, and finds herself in more sexual positions than she bargained for.

There are some twists at the end, which is always good in a PI crime novel. I think the twists made the story. Mr. Meek is a captivating writer. Even though the story is very sexual, bordering on pornographic, I didn’t feel awkward or like I was peeking through his window at something I shouldn’t be seeing (though I may have a clue or two of his…preferences… *wink, wink*). If you enjoy a naughty, sexy book, you’ll enjoy Sesame Swallow and all of her shenanigans. I give this book 5 stars. I loved it.

Scott MeekD. Scott Meek

What’s a mid-40′s divorced man to do after wrapping up twenty years in the US Navy?  Why, start a career in teaching and writing, of course.  Oh, and explore the world some more.  And read everything possible.  And go back to school.  And enjoy every moment to its fullest.

A teacher for the government by day, I ply my wares at night on my laptop, where I’m cranking out silly blog posts, socio-political commentary, poetry, short stories and novels at an excessive rate.  If I was driving, I’d have been pulled over by now.  Meanwhile, I have kids to raise, a girlfriend to love, and a spunky wiener dog named Sloppy Joe to goof around with.

Beyond that, I’m busy with life, having fun, working out, going to parties, traveling, etc.  When I burn out and die, I want to be able to say that I did everything that was possible for me to do.  I want to die like I live:  with a smile on my face.

2 Responses to “Sesame Swallow – Yeah, it’s a lot like it sounds!

  • Sweet! Glad you liked it. Just wait and see what happens in the sequel!

    • I can’t wait!

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