Untitled Post of Introspection – Part 2

Previously, I mentioned that I’ve been working on projects for over a year with no success in getting any of them off the ground. I have to wonder why, because I start and finish new books all the time. I started a publishing company that just keeps becoming more and more profitable. Am I getting in my own way? I’m not really afraid to start these new projects, but I am a  little worried that, once I get them started I may not be able to keep up with them. My team is small and there’s already a lot of work for us to keep up with.

I found a web app to help me organize my many projects. It’s called Asana. With it I can see where I’ve concentrated all of my due dates. I had four months in the middle of the year where no projects were due. I can also assign things to my team members and keep track of what’s being done and what isn’t, where I might need to delegate things out and where I need to be doing the work. So far, after just a month or so of use, I’ve already got a couple of my unfinished projects to launch position. (Gah, that sounds cheesy…)

We’ve tried a couple of apps like this before, but Asana’s interface works the way my brain works, so I can see everything the way I need to see it and the way I need it organized so I can get things done. It also keeps me on track with the things that I might have let slip through the cracks, though it’s harder for them to slip through this way.

I see good things in the future. Things are finally starting to fall into place. =)

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