The Daughters of the People Series Excerpt – Lucy Varna


Light’s Bane
Daughters of the People # 2
By- Lucy Varna
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance /Romantic Suspense
Daniella Nehring is a fierce warrior with a turbulent past. Born in the earliest days of World War II to unknown parents, she was raised by Rebecca Upton, one of the People’s most notable leaders. Dani has always had questions about her parents’ identities, information Rebecca refuses to reveal, leaving a gaping hole in Dani’s own identity.
Dani travels to New York on Rebecca’s orders to search for the mysterious woman who stole a copy of the Prophecy of Light from the People. There, she teams up with Dave Winstead, an FBI agent working undercover with the People’s most ancient and deadly enemy. Dave has a soft spot for the young warrior that divides his loyalties between her and the job he took in order to fulfill a promise he made a decade and a half before, a promise he’s determined to keep, no matter what the cost.
As Dani and Dave are drawn deeper into the hunt for the missing artifact, Dani’s immortality is jeopardized, and with it, her ability to reclaim the Prophecy tablet. When she learns the truth about her heritage, Dani must confront her past in a struggle that will change her life forever.

Excerpt From Light’s Bane


Dave led Dani into the bedroom he used at Lukas’ estate and shut the door tightly behind them. “Get into your nightclothes. We’re going to bed.”

Dani snorted. “Forget it, Ape Man.”

Dave gritted his teeth. In two strides, he was at her side, his hands latched around her upper arms. He yanked her body into his, firmly quelling her struggles, and brushed his mouth against her ear. “We’re being watched.”

She stopped struggling. “You’re just saying that so you’ll have an excuse to paw me.”

“I’m saying that because it’s true. Installed the cameras in here myself. They’re everywhere except the bathrooms.”

“Great, only, I didn’t bring pajamas.”

Weariness seeped through him and he sighed. “You knew we’d be sleeping here.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d really make me sleep in the same bed as you.”

He bit back an oath and released her, then stalked to the chest of drawers and pulled out one of his t-shirts. He tossed it to her and jerked his chin toward the bathroom. “Help yourself.”

She tossed her head and flounced out of the room. God, she drove him crazy. He’d told her they’d be sharing a room, told her it was the best way, but had she listened? Oh, no, not pigheaded Dani. Why did everything have to be so difficult with her?



About the Author-
Lucy Varna lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, surrounded by her large, extended family. She’s a voracious reader and enjoys nothing more than losing herself between the pages of a good book. Her writing draws extensively on her background in genealogy, history, and archaeology, as well as on her eternal love of Science Fiction, Fantasy, the paranormal, and suspense.


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