My Anime Monday – Psycho Pass – Part One

It has been a while since I posted for Anime Monday! Sorry about that! Things have been cray on my end. I haven’t watched a new anime in a while either, but I do owe the reviews for the ones I have seen. So, without further ado, Psycho Pass.


I started Psycho Pass last, but I got 7 episodes in and was a little bored. There was no overall plot that I could see, so I just kinda gave up on it. But, I did eventually give it another shot. It took 7 episodes to get to the main plot, but once we did it was really good. I powered through the rest and really enjoyed it.

Psycho Pass is set in year 2113. The Sibyl System basically runs Japan (I’m not sure if it’s a worldwide thing?). If your crime coefficient reaches a certain number, you’re labeled a latent criminal and can never get a job or get married or really anything. It’s kind of psychotic in a Utopian way. It reminds me a bit of Minority Report, the Tom Cruise movie.

I enjoyed this one. I really did. I haven’t seen the second season yet. I definitely suggest this one. It’s on my list of favorites. It’s a dark story with an end that is expected, but not expected. You’re rooting for the characters, even though you know the inevitable is coming.

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