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30th Dec 2016
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Untitled Post of Introspection – Part 2

Previously, I mentioned that I’ve been working on projects for over a year with no success in getting any of them off the ground. I have to wonder why, because...

26th Dec 2016

The Hunger Games Tour!

I did the Hunger Games tour with my bestie! YES! This is a THING! Not even joking. It was so much fun! Part of it might have been that I...

23rd Dec 2016

YALL Fest and Leigh Bardugo!!!

You guyssss!!! I met Leigh Bardugo!! I have proof!             It’s not a very good pic of me, but it’s proof! I met her and...

21st Dec 2016

Santa Fe Comic Con 2016

I’m a little behind on blog posts, so the next four will be catch up for events that I did the last couple of months. Santa Fe Comic Con is...

19th Dec 2016
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Untitled Post of Introspection – Part 1

I started a publishing company successfully and I've published 16 books of my own, not to mention my author's books. I start new books every month or so. So, why can I not start and finish these projects?

16th Dec 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 is OVER! *This post is a little late*

We're halfway into December and I have never been so glad for NaNoWriMo to be over, nor have I ever been so exhausted by the end of one!

06th Sep 2016

Creating time travel timelines without pulling my hair out…

I expected it to be hard, but I could not have anticipated this level of hardness (insert dirty joke here...ya'll are filthy. I like it:).

01st Sep 2016
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The Bittersweet Struggle: Writing my first YA novel

One would think that writing for teenagers is easier than writing for adults. I think I went into writing Bittersweet thinking that very thing, only to get a few chapters...

18th Aug 2016
I am not an “overachiever”.

I am not an “overachiever”.

If there is one way to put me in a bad mood, it’s to degrade my hard work by calling me an “overachiever” because I’m doing something that you’re not...

16th Aug 2016

New exciting things on the horizon!

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been so busy lately trying to get Bittersweet ready for release in October. It’s...